Bee Pollination, Bee Transportation, Nucs, Full Hives, Honey, Queen Cells, Queen Bees

Buck's Busy Bee's, LLC

Honey Bee's


When: May 9th, 2015

Time: 8:00am to 1:00pm

Bee Pick Up!

April Sales Going On!

For Every $10.00 Spent on Honey,

Get a 6oz Honey Bear!

Sale Good Through The Month Of April! 


Full Hives, Nucs and

Spring Queens

Check Back For Summer Sales!

Thank you for your interest in Buck's Busy Bees.


Here at Buck's Busy Bees, we are committed to serving God and your beekeeping needs.  We are family owned and operated.  All of us have a great passion for the bee's we work with on a daily bases. We stand everyday in amazement on what these tiny little insects do for us.  God is Good!!!  (All The Time)




Praise God In The

Good Times....

And The Bad Times!


Buck Family...